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If you're looking for a dentist that's committed to providing skilled dental services while being consciousness of their overall impact on your smile, Elevate Hailey Dental Studio is the place for you. Dr. Jeffrey R. Roth pairs art and science to make a different in his patients' lives. Whether you're a new patient or a patient of record, Dr. Roth will work hard to exceed your expectations no matter what services you need.

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Dr. Jeffrey R Roth


Exceeding Expectations with Contemporary Care

Each smile is a moment of truth in beauty, a free expression of the desire to embrace the joy of life. As a dentist, I believe it is imperative to consider not only the smile but the person the smile belongs to. Each smile transformation must be based on things deeper than what can merely be seen by the human eye. It is the personality of each patient that must shine through to reveal the truth in what that smile holds.

The field of dentistry has changed, and through the practice of responsible aesthetic dentistry, the perceptions about the value of dental care have changed, too. The treatments we now offer are based not only on optimal health, but on natural looking results and a broad spectrum of well-being. We can create both aesthetically pleasing results and rejuvenate the health and spirits of our patients with the integrity bestowed upon us as health professionals. We invite you to explore your options, ask about the possibilities, and enjoy benefits a new smile can grant.

A Commitment to Excellence

There are many things that we believe speak to our high level of dental care excellence. It is found in the long-term health solutions we offer patients. We strive to make it evident in our thorough restoration planning and health examination and in our advanced artistry and care. It is seen in the individual, respectful, and kind manner in which we treat each person we meet. We hope you will notice it as you walk in the door, are greeted by our friendly team, and escorted through a pleasant experience designed to exceed your expectations.


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